You need a guest number for your vessel if you wish to navigate the stretch from Tørring to Klostermølle using your own or borrowed non-motorised vessel.

Non-motorised navigation in the rest of the Gudenå system does not require guest registration number


How do I purchase of a guest number?

You purchase a guest number via this homepage. The price of a guest number is 75 DKK and it is valid for 5 days. A maximum of 50 guest numbers are available per week and every vessel requires 1 number.


Click this link to be redirected to the homepage handling the sale of guest registretion numbers


Before purchasing a guest number, you need to know when and where you which to and how many people are to take part, as you will be required to submit this information on the application form.  You can order more than one guest number at a time. All payment must be made online, so a payment card is required.

It is not possible to change you order (date, number, etc.) after you have paid, please read the terms and conditions.

The product you buy is a number (you guest number) which you can print from the website or from the e-mail which will be send to your e-mail address. If you lose the e-mail you can contacting the local municipality – see information at the bottom of the page.



How do I display the guest number?

Print the guest number, put it in a plastic cover and place it on the vessel with a glue, tape or such like. You must place the guest number on the side of the vessel - near the front. If the vessel is a SUP board then place the number on top of the board.