If you are currently in Horsens or Hedensted, motorboat-related queries should be directed to Skanderborg municipality (see the contact information at the bottom of this page). Guests must obtain a guest registration number. More information on guest registration numbers can be found here.

There are no launch sites or slipways for motorboats in Horsens or Hedensted municipalities, as it is not permitted to navigate this part of the river by motorboat. If you wish to launch a motorboat, you must do so between Mossø and Silkeborg, or downstream Tange Sø to Randers at a designated launch site. Click here for a list of launch sites. Tange Sø is a privately owned lake, and you must obtain special permission to navigate on this lake. For more information on where you can lawfully navigate a motorboat in the Gudenå system, click here.

Canoes and kayaks

If you are visiting the Gudenå system and have brought your own canoe or kayak, you may launch it free of charge at any of the launch sites between Mossø and Randers. A list of launch sites for canoes and kayaks in the Gudenaa can be found here. A map of the area can be found in the footer of this homepage.

However, if you wish to navigate upstream between Tørring and Klostermølle you must purchase an access card (also called a guest number). You need a guest number pr. vessel. 

A guest number costs 75 DKK (valid for 5 days). A maximum of 50 access cards may be sold per week. You purchase your guest registration number on this website or via this link.

To launch from Tørring Caming costs 50 DKK per vessel. These fees are used for upkeep of facilities at Tørring Teltplads.