The Gudenå Committee

The Gudenå Committee is responsible for this web page.

The Gudenå Committee is a cross-municipal cooperation around Denmark's only river, the Gudenå. The Gudenå Committee is made up of one municipal board member from each of the municipalities along the river Gudenå, and the Committee's focus is the use and protection of the river. Read more about the Gudenå Committee's work via this link.

Most of the Gudenå and a number of lakes along the main river are open for navigation and are well-frequented by sail and motor driven boats, dinghys, canoes and kayaks. This webpage,, is  for everyone who wishes to navigate the Gudenå. 

This home page, for example, includes the Gudenå's boat register, where all boats in the system must be registered as well as pay an annual fee; information for canoe and kayak users; rules and regulations; maps, etc. It is a good idea to have a look at the rules before you begin you trip on the Gudenå. Breaking the rules may incur a fine.

This homepage is not a tourist home page for the Gudenå region. For more tourist information, please see