Where can I find a canoe rental?

Approved places for vessel renting in the Gudenå system have concessions for leasing, among other things, canoes and kayaks. It is easy to recognize an approved place for renting. It will carry a logo and name as well as have a renters number.

On the Gudenå Committee's website, you can always find out who is approved to renting out vessels out of the Gudenå system - visit www.gudenaakomiteen.dk - you must go to the tab "rental sailing".

It is illegal to rent a vessel from a landlord who does not have a concession for charter sailing.


Please note that this website is not a tourist website. All questions about the actual sailing in the rented vessel are asked directly to the landlords or to tourist information.

In addition, there is the website oplevgudenaa.dk (in Danish).