Our website must be for everyone. That is why we make every effort to ensure that it is accessible for all.

The Danish Parliament has passed a law on the accessibility of public instistutions' websites and mobile applications, which is to make these more accessible to users, including in particular people with disabilities.

This means that this website must be readable for everybody. Also if one has a visual impairment, is dyslexic, has mouse injuries, paralysis, ADHD or cognitive challenges in general.

That is why we do our best to live up to the common standard for accessible web - WCAG 2.1. This standard is also called the The EU's Web Accessibility Directive.

How did you incorporated accessibility into the website?

The website is kept as simple as possible. An absolute minimum of graphics has been used, and there are no disturbing images or graphs. Text with clear contrast has been used, and the page can be operated via PC, tablet or mobile phone.

In addition, the website is kept as free as possible from PDF files and other documents. Where PDFs are found, they serve as a visual supplement to information that can also be found as plain text on the website. An example could be a brochure that, via text and a map, explains rules for sailing with non-motorised vessels throughout the Gudenå system. The text from the folder is also available as text on the website, so you can read the text aloud via your electronic devise.

In some pages, links are made to older legislation, e.g. scanned pages with regulations that, despite their age, are still in force. As the regulations are revised and made available on the web, this website will link to the new regulations instead. However, the relevant rules from the regulations can be found on the website in a form that is accessible. But the whole older regulatory text is not.

If you need information from these regulations, you can contact the Gudenå Committee's Secretariat via phone: +45 51 44 49 43 or via e-mail: makla@silkeborg.dk.

If you still find that the website is not available to you - let us know!

You can write to the coordinator in the Gudenå Committee's Secretariat via this e-mail address: makla@silkeborg.dk.