Terms and conditions for sales via www.sejladspaagudenaaen.dk


Sales on this website (www.sejladspaagudenaaen.dk) are managed by the Secretariat of the Gudenaa Committee.

See contact information via this link.  


In the online shop you can pay with Visa Dankort, eDankort, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, JCB and American Express. The Gudenaa Committee use QuickPay for all payment transactions. The use of credit cards is safe and approved by NETS.

The Gudenaa Committee does not have access to your credit card information as it is handled exclusively by QuickPay. Payment is handled via a secure connection (SSL). The information entered will be encrypted and the Customer is the only one who can read it. The payment will not be deducted from the Customers account until the transaction has been processed by the administrators. 

For guest permits the payment will be deducted immediately.

Subscription (not relevant for guest permits)

By choosing the subscription option, the Customer gives the Gudenaa Committee consent to deduct one payment transaction from the Customer's credit card for each payment period (1 payment annually) for as long as the subscription is active.
The payment is transferred on the last bank day before the beginning of a new payment period. The Gudenaa Committee is only entitled to transfer payment transactions for the amount of 200 DKK. Any additional amount must be separately approved by the Customer. Confirmation is sent to the email address provided after each successful payment transaction.

A subscription agreement is effective until it is terminated by the Gudenaa Committee or by the Customer. Termination of an agreement must occur at least 14 days before the end of a payment period. Termination of the subscription agreement, or renewal and deletion of credit card details must be made via this website. The Customer will be notified by email if the Customer’s credit card has expired and new card details are required. 

The Customer is informed of the annual subscription price when the subscription option is chosen. The price can be changed via this website with 45 days notice before the end of the calendar year. Customers are also notified of price changes via the email address supplied in the boat registry.  

Subscriptions may be subject to separate terms and conditions / regulations, as informed of at the point of entering into a subscription agreement. 


The annual cost of boat registration is 200 DKK. A guest registration number costs 75 DKK and is valid for a period of 14 days.

Period of validity

A registration number for boat owners with a connection to the River Gudenaa is valid for 12 months from the date that the administration has approved the application.

A guest registration number is valid for 14 days from the start date chosen by the customer. 

Delivery Costs

Expenses relating to delivery by regular mail is covered by the Gudenaa Committee. 


Sales (applications) that have been approved by the administration are delivered promptly and within 8 days.


According to the Directive 97/7/EC regarding the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts and the Danish “Forbrugeraftalelov” the customer normally has the right to cancel a purchase made on the internet. 

The above mentioned law states that the customer is entitled to return the ordered product within 14 days without giving any reason, unless it concerns a product tailored to each customer. Since boat registrations are date-dependent, registrations CANNOT be returned to Gudenaa Committee.


The Gudenaa Committee has no liability for loss, theft or the like.
The Gudenaa Committee assumes no responsibility for any delays, indirect damages or defects unless they are committed with intent or gross negligence.

Contact the Gudenaa Committee or the municipality you are located in immediately if you have receive "damaged goods" bought on www.sejladspaagudenaaen.dk.