Welcome to the Gudenå system! 

For the protection of the river, and for your own safety, there are some rules that must be followed when boating in the Gudenå system. 

The brochure Navigation Rules for Motorboats is a guide to keeping yourself and the river safe. Please read this brochure before beginning your journey.

Please be aware that motor driven vessels are only allowed between Mossø and Silkeborg, and from Tange Sø and Randers. Tange Sø is a privately owned lake, which means you need to obtain permission from Gudenåcentralen to navigate your boat here. Outwith these areas, the river is either too small, or the environment is too fragile. Navigating a motor driven vessel in an area where it is not permitted to do so will incur a fine.

Click here for a map of where it is permitted to navigate a motor driven vessel. The map is found on page 2. The red areas indicate where navigating a motor driven vessel is forbidden. The colour coded key also indicates speed limits in the system. 

All visitors who wish to navigate their own motorboat in the Gudenå system must apply for a guest registration number. This costs 75 DKK and is valid for 14 days. The authorities carry out regular inspections. If your boat does not have a registration number, this will incur a fine (1000 DKK). Click here for more information on guest registration numbers. 

For your own safety, it is recommended that you wear a life vest at all times. It is compulsory to have at least one life vest on board for everyone in the boat.

To put your boat in the water, you must launch it at a designated launch site or slipway - you can find a list in the footer. Please be aware that there may be a fee for putting your boat in the water.

We hope you enjoy your stay! 

Photo credit:

Speed limit sign: Vinni Bruun

Children in lifejackets & boatnumber: Gudenåkomiteen