Information about motorized sailing on the stretch from north of Silkeborg until after Lake Tange

On this part of the Gudenå system motorboating is forbidden for the public.

This does not mean that there can be no motorboat sailing with max. 5 knots on the stretch, as shore owners may have special rights in terms of sailing.
- see executive order nr. 148 af 24/02/2016 (you can find the link at the bottom of this page).

Lake Tange is privately owned, and motor sailing with max. 5 knots on the lake is only allowed if you have a membership within a motor club affiliated with Lake Tange, or you have permission from "Tangeværket (Gudenaacentralen)"(for example in connection with a fishing competition).

If these conditions for motor boating are met, the vessel must be registered on this website in order to be allowed to sail.