Pamphlets and digital map

On this page you will find a digital map and information about sailing rules. You can download traditional pamphlet. You can also see the sailing rules on the digital map.

This map does not conforms to WCAG’s Accessibility Guidelines. Information about sailing rules is available online in the digital map below.




Non-motorised vessels

The Gudenå Committee has published a pamphlet aimed at sailing in canoes, kayaks and rowing boats on the Gudenå River. The rules apply to all vessels without an engine, i.e. also the use of SUPs.

You can download the pamphlet "Gudenåsystemet med kano, kajak og robåd" via this link. (PDF) (In Danish)

Motorised vessels

The Gudenå Committee also publishes material with information aimed at motorboat sailors in the Gudenå system. Rules also apply to electric motor sailing.

You can download the pamphlet "Gudenåsystemet med motor" via this link. (PDF) (In Danish)

Sailboats and rafts

There is no pamphlet material targeted for sailboats or rafts. Instead, contact the relevant municipality.



Digital map

Via this link you can find a map showing available facilities on the Gudenå. (in Danish)

It may take a bit of time to load.

This map is unfortunately only available in Danish. However, if you click on "kortindhold" on the upper left-hand side of the map you will find a list of facilities and rules that can be made to appear on the map.

If you are planning to visit the Gudenå in a canoe or kayak, click "Sejladsregler - kano" for information on rules that apply for canoeing and kayaking, or "Lokaliteter for kanoer" for information on applicable facilities.

If you are planning to visit the Gudenå in a motorised vessel click "Sejladsregler - motordre fartøjer" for information on the rules that apply for motorboats and other motor driven vessels, or "Lokaliteter for motordrevne fartøjer" for applicable facilities. The red colour indicates that navigating a motor driven vessel is forbidden, and the blue colour indicates that it is permitted. 

Click here for an English explanation of symbols and pictograms in the map.

Be aware: Navigating with personal watercraft and jet ski ect. is not allowed in the Gudenå system according to the executive order nr. 148 af 24/02/2016. You will find a link to the order in the bottom of this page.