The Gudenå River is popular for canoeing and kayaking. You can either rent a vessel from an authorised rental service - you can find more information on renting a vessel here - or you can bring your own vessel. The information on this page is related to navigation in privately owed vessels

Bringing your own canoe or kayak

From Mossø to the mouth of the river, you may launch your own canoe or kayak at any of the designated launch sites free of charge.

Click here for a list of designated launch sites.

Buy an access card before sailing in your own canoe or kayak

If you begin your journey in the Gudenå's southern parts between Tørring and Mossø, different rules apply. 

Only non-motorised vessels are allowed on this stretch, and all vessels need to buy an access card (also called a guest number).  It costs 75 DKK to buy an access card/a guest number, and the card is valid for 5 days. A maximum of 50 guest numbers are sold per week, and it is therefore a good idea to plan your visit ahead of time.

It costs an additional 50 DKK to launch your own canoe or kayak at Tørring Camping. 

Between Tørring and Mossø it is also only permitted to navigate the river if:

  • the vessel does not have an engine
  • you navigate with the current
  • your trip is between the 16th June to the 31th December and between 6AM and 6PM.
  • larger groups are made up of a maximum of 15 vessels, divided into groups of max. 5 vessels per group that keep an appropriate distance to each other. Vessels cannot be tied together
  • 2-3 person canoes and 1-2 person kayaks are used.

Wash your canoe/kayak before and after sailing

The zebra mussel is an invasive species that can be found in most of the Gudenå system. To avoid the further spread of this and other invasive species, you are recommended to wash your boat before and after your trip.