Before you begin your trip, you must be aware of the rules for navigation on the Gudenå River

Registration and fees

  • All motorboats on the Gudenå must be registered before launching.
  • Registration can be completed via this webpage.
  • If you live in or own a summer house in one of the 7 municipalities that border the Gudenå (Randers, Viborg, Favrskov, Silkeborg, Skanderborg, Horsens or Hedensted municipalities), registration costs is 200 DKK per year. After payment you will be given a registration confirmation with a unique number.

  • If you are a guest/tourist and do not live in, own a summer house, or have a permanent berth in one of the above mentioned municipalities, you must have a guest registration number. A guest registration number costs 75 DKK and is valid for 2 weeks. Guest numbers can be bought via this website using most credit cards.
  • The authorities inspect boat registrations. There is a fine of 1.000 DKK if your boat is not registered or the yearly fee is not payed.

What do I do with my allocated registration number? 

The guidance below is from the Rules for the Gudenå System.

§ 5. Owners of a vessel will be allocated a registration number upon registering.

Part 2. This registration number consisting of Arabic numbers and letters must be painted or attached to both sides of the vessel, before it can be used to navigate the waterways from Skanderborg Sø to Randers Bro, including Nørreåen from Fladbro to Gudenåen). The number must be placed as close to the bow as possible, and in such a way that it is easily legible. Characters must be minimum 8 cm high, written with strokes of at least 1.5 cm wide. The colour of the registration number must be in high contrast to the vessel’s hull, or to that part of the vessel on which the number is painted or attached.

Part 3. The registration number must always be intact, clean, easily legible and may not be covered up when the vessel is in the river.

Be aware that:

  • It is not permitted to navigate in water with reeds or to disembark in these areas out of respect for birds and for the environment.
  • Disembarking may only occur where there is permission from the landowner or at public docks and slipways.
  • Obey restrictions and speed limits out of respect for other boaters and for the environment.
  • There must be a lifejacket for everyone on board.
  • You must have a speedboat license if your boat so requires.
  • Avoid creating waves near canoes, kayaks, etc. as it may tip the canoe/kayak causing danger.
  • It is prohibited to use a motorboat on unmarked lakes and rivers.
  • Some areas of the Gudenå are not navigable by motorboat. Please see the red-marked routes on the map “På Gudenåen med motor”.
  • Speed limits ranges from 3-10 knots (knob) and can also be found using the colour coding in the folder “På Gudenåen med motor”.